Thursday, October 19, 2006

As promissed,photos of the Bartercard Miss Indy and V8 Supercar contestants.Its hard to believe that after months with very little rain,that showers are forcast over race weekend.As much as the farmers and gardners are wanting rain,it spoils the racing.As with most street circuits they become very slippery and the concrete walls are very unforgiving.
While the drivers have been out lunching in style,flying around in old fighter planes and enjoying the sights the Gold Coast has to offer, the mechanics have been busy getting the cars ready for practice and qualifying on Friday.
The Porches,V8 BrUtes and Aussie race cars have been out thrilling the crowds today.With Australia having lots of utes,being a big farming country and a popular vehicle with trades people,they are a much followed catagory in the race scene here.

I'll be back tomorrow with more photos.

Ray Pallesen

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

They have arrived,now the fun starts on and off the track.The 40 hopefulls of the Miss Bartercad Indy and the final 20 Miss V8 Supercar are parading their assets around clubs and many fund raising events around the Gold Coast and Brisbane.
While the girls are on display the boys tend to play,checking out the mechanical surfboard in Surfers Paradise and viewing the track from the Q1 Building, jet skiing and many of the attractions that abound on the Gold Coast.

I have managed to scan some photos from the Gold Coast Bulletine,so enjoy.
(photos,Alex Tagliani & Will Power at the pits,Alex and wife Bronte).

I'll be back tomorrow with more news and photos from the track.

Ray Pallesen

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Monday, October 16, 2006

As I sit under a tree overlooking The Gold Coast,its easy to see why Drivers,crew and spectators love coming here for the Lexmark Indy 300.

The Champ cars have arrived at Surfers Paradise.Two 747 aircraft landed at Brisbane Airport with 29 cars,they were then trucked to the circuit during the early hours of Sunday morning.After the cars have been checked by customs they will be checked over by the mechanics,readying them for testing on Thursday.
The owner of Team Australia Craige Gore has floated the idea of shouting all the bars on the track if they win the race.They have been close several times,but haven't nailed it yet.
The entertainement around the track is getting ready to kick off with big Carnival Parades on Thursday and Saturday nights.The girls that have reached the finals for the Miss Indy and Miss V8 Supercar Title are parading around the place making a very nice distraction from all the work involved getting the saftey fences and barriers erected.

This year with the V8 Supercar series collecting points from the races and a different format with pitstops,it looks as though it could pass the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix for best sporting event in Australia.

The V8 Supercar serries from down under now has one of the biggest viewing audiences for Motor Sport World Wide,with races in Bahrain,China and New Zealand,it has a big following.

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I'll be back soon,with some photos of the girls and things of interest.

Ray Pallesen